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Built-in Analytics

Understanding and visualizing your university's data is important for external affairs, monitoring workflow progression, and data aggregation. Lyterati's reporting tool comes with standard reports for all areas of data. With multiple visualizations, filters, and ways to download the data, our reporting feature gives you advanced insight into your faculty accomplishments. 


Standard Reports

Lyterati's reporting module comes with a set of standard reports. From the contribution data to real-time statuses on administrative processes, Lyterati's built-in reports give you extensive access to your data. Each report comes with a set of filters to slice and dice your data in the way you need it.​ Find out which faculty are behind in their administrative processes and send emails directly from the reports to notify the faculty that their P&T dossier or Annual Report needs attention.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Coming soon! We are working on an ad-hoc reporting tool that lets you combine data across categories, headings, and data types to give you additional reporting flexibility. In a single report you can find out how many Research, Service, and Teaching contributions each college and department has made in a given year.


Data Access

Access to reports or certain data elements within reports can be limited using Lyterati's security matrix. Give Deans and Department Chairs access to data for their college and department, respectively.

Data Visualizations

Each report comes with its own set of visualizations. Use these for college/department level reporting, marketing purposes, or for administrative insights. Report visuals can be pie charts, bar charts, or any chart type found in Excel.

Data Extraction

Data can be extracted from the reports as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) or .csv file. The extract will contain the data based on the filters provided in the report.


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