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Faculty Web Profiles

Individual faculty profiles are automatically updated when faculty enter data in Lyterati. Lyterati supports fast searches by researcher, organization, or any category in the taxonomy. Faculty benefit by having an automatically updated profile. Web Profile analytics can be localized to your needs.

Web Profile

Faculty Profiles

Dynamic web profiles, designed for collaborations. Give full control over the content displayed in their profile. 


Faculty Statistics

Understand your faculty data with built-in visualizations showcasing what your faculty do.

Intelligent Connections

Lyterati Web Profile seamlessly integrates with contributions. These profiles are dynamic and controlled by the faculty. Lyterati Web Profiles can be made public or can remain internal to the University. 


With built-in search and author networks, Web Profile promotes collaboration and connections between faculty members. Web Profile allows faculty to search across multiple dimensions of faculty contributions -- including research, service, and teaching -- within a discipline, across the organization, or for a specific keyword.

"Inference" Technology

Lyterati Web Profile is smart and goes above and beyond simply displaying what is in the database. It infers links to the public internet. If a faculty member has provided a DOI or URL, Web Profile will link to that resource. Otherwise, Web Profile executes a search behind the scenes and links to the resource on the public internet. This "inference" technology is a unique benefit for collaboration and replaces traditional "expert finders" that exist in Universities and competitor products today.

Faculty Profiles
Faculty Statistics

Lyterati Web Profile provides statistics to administrators and marketing teams. Visualizations help you understand the composition of your academic units. These statistics are particularly useful for diversity and inclusion analysis.

Data Analytics

We provide what we think are the most important data points and visuals to our clients, but we understand each client is different. This is why we provide custom visualizations -- If the data is in Lyterati, we can provide you the statistics and visualizations you need. The data in Lyterati belongs to the University and we are committed to providing the data you need to support enterprise analytics. 

Drill-Through Capabilities

Web Profile visualizations drill down to information at the faculty level. These drill-downs provide insights into the quantity and quality of the contributions. With Lyterati's built-in big data capabilities, searching and loading visualizations is quick without impacting the transactional database.

faculty statistics
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