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Lyterati supports university administrators and the faculty. Lyterati's platform is designed for faculty collaboration through searches by keyword, research, service, or teaching headings. Lyterati's Web Profile allows for faculty to find others through an author network.

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Keyword Search

Lyterati comes with a number of features that promote collaboration including built-in Lyterati Search and Author Network. Lyterati Search gives faculty the ability to search on contribution data. If a faculty wants to find other faculty that taught a specific course or is working on research on a topic they want to collaborate on, they can use Search to find this information. Search can be limited by Lyterati's Security Matrix so faculty only have access to some headings.

Web Profile delivers the ability to drill into contributions to find potential collaborators, both within and outside the University. With interactive, auto-updating Author Networks, faculty get a visual of collaborators they have worked with and see who fellow faculty have worked with. 

Web Profile
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