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Other Administrative Processes

Lyterati's workflow framework allows institutions to manage administrative processes such as sabbatical, leave, contract management, and compensation management. With the ability to have multiple administrative processes running concurrently and control the routing and creation of dossiers, Lyterati's versatility adds significant value. 

Networking Group
Faculty Performance Management
One Stop with Workflow Framework

Using our workflow framework for P&T, Lyterati supports functions such as leave, sabbatical, and compensation and contract management. The framework supports:

  • Multiple reviewers including individuals and committees

  • Checklist of items that each reviewer bears responsibility

  • Sharing among reviewers

  • Creation of a single PDF dossier with the appropriate components

  • Routing using workflow rules that maintain the security of who sees what and when, using controlled rules.

Lyterati integrates with your current ERPs, such as human resource management and student information systems, to pull in existing data related to faculty. Lyterati's Data Loader allows administrators to manage data uploads as frequently as needed. Import tools within the application allow faculty to upload data from external sources such as PubMed, Google Scholar, and BibTeX sources. Additionally, faculty annual reporting processes with configurable workflows drive the collection of data for ongoing activities.

The holistic approach to integrating data allows for a complete and thorough environment that achieves two objectives:

  1. Provides you with a rich repository of data to support a variety of administrative processes

  2. Motivates your administrators and faculty to use the product

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